Only 43% of employees trust their senior leadership

Aon Hewitt, “Engagement 2.0 Survey of US Employers and Employees,” March 2010.

We know from other research that: 

·         One out of every five or six employees chooses to leave their employer each year. 
·         More than one out of every 10 high performers has left their employer since the downturn.
·        42% of employees are not energized by their work.
·         40% are stressed to the point of feeling “burned out.” 
·         64% are physically exhausted when they get home from work.
·         Workplace stress is a significant issue and one main reason for the stress does “not know what is expected from me in my job.”
·        Only 43% of employees trust their senior leadership.
·         More than half, i.e. 50% or more of employees do not know how their pay is determined.
·         Satisfaction with health benefits continues to decline, yet 23% of employees do not consider themselves to be in good health and 27% do not feel motivated to be healthy. 
·         Nearly half (45%) of employees do not feel financially secure for retirement.
·         Approximately one half of employees do not see long-term career opportunities at their current employer.
·        Fully 43% of employees believe they must leave their current employer to advance to a higher-level job.
·         More than half of organizations report that employees do not have a clear picture of the skills that they should build to support business growth.