Hold your emotions: Use social intelligence!

I read many posts on LinkedIn and what I find is the same stuff that I see in self-help management, personal effectiveness books. Experienced folks sound like copying from ubiquitous and rusted text books. Why don't they share real experiences? The case studies of their companies? Their signature programs and stories of business transformations? Inspiring stories of creating a world class team, product, company?

Let's be bold guys! Let's start realizing that either we are afraid being honest or we are so ordinary.

In a moment of rage, I uttered this, almost half-asleep...And I feel so good now..

Corporate is a dangerous place for you to display your intelligence, insights, brilliance with number, problem solving, decision making, etc. While these are essential selection factors at hiring time, they become gallows for you when you start applying them at work. Why? Because your brilliance irritates your managers, seniors, peers, who out of their glorious years laden with issues, never ever could have such insights. You are screwed. Act dumb, act foolish, sound slow and average! You will grow, you will not appear aggressive, intimidating and almost prepared for the 'coup'. No one likes a smart guy!

Do not justify your salary everyday. It makes lot of A**h**es around you uneasy and they start scheming against you.

Being passionate at work is dangerous. Passionate folks cannot fake, will be transparent and honest! Will expect others to appreciate these values, but that does not happen at workplace most often as workplace is full of insecure bosses who have stopped adding value. They feel threatened by smart thoughts and actions.Leave them in their slumber till they perish!

Be smart when you are in a great company that promotes and rewards smartness!

Peter principle applies to most senior jobs.