Adjust Emotional Intelligence to adapt to Org Culture

Whether you are in a place that promotes creativity or passivity, you need to align and work through the culture. Leaders either push ideas or influence us to follow. Either which way , idea is good and leaders fail less and succeed more. Ideas are important but we don't feel great about the greatest gift it is smeared with disrespect/care/passion/prestige.

Research conducted on 2000 scientists proved that those scientists who were respected and recognized produced much more success and failures than others! They just produced. Period!

Intelligence/IQ level helps us grab a grade, a job and emotional intelligence/emotional smartness helps us grow in the position/job/role. More than emotional skills of knowing own and others emotions and leveraging and making adjustments (includes curbing own emotions, gulping a bitter pill, ignoring being ignored, forgiving like a saint, even accepting unjust decisions on self and for people, we are responsible for). Why do we adjustments? Because, this is the way world world is and how people grow is a mix of opportunities, competencies and huge mix of being lucky.

There is nothing new in management sciences that religious/spiritual gurus and saints have not told about. 
Survival is the biggest need and that makes us follow rules, fair or unfair. Survival matters. Challenge rules if you can afford to destabilize your position. Sense of survival makes us safe not successful. 

Like traffic in Bangalore, you cannot predict, which hour you will get less traffic. On external environment we have less control and that matters the most, many a times.
So what role IQ and EQ play in our career, start with a day. How does it impact your life in a day's span at work?

Day means tasks, either action packed or dull, thinking or confusing, worried or excited, easy or sucking! It can be any kind of a day! What is designed is happening. What we design within that design is what we call IQ. IQ helps us find a way to the situations, circumstances, variables, factors, people, etc. EQ is getting ready in mind to manage it and convincing self on how to use emotions and apply social skills.
IQ actually is at play every moment that guides emotions and helps it manage the situation: good to ugly. IQ sits back when you get driven by Emotions and stop using IQ. While IQ is a problem solver, emotion is a drive that helps us float , sometimes direction less, aim less, imaginatively and instinctively driven and at times completely under hypnotic control.

IQ is not moral policing element. It helps when you press a panic button or ask for a quick favor!

It is not prescriptive, EI makes a mandate prescriptive. EI is conditioning due to being self-conscious, being self-aware or socially conscious, aware and conditioned to abide or ignore, even violate certain principles for individual, group etc.

Conditioning will always play a greater role in defining social skills. Else we "SOCIALIZE"!