Hiring Excellence: AIM, FIRE, MISS

If you have to get results, better results, you need to be creative! Be it marketing, where we see the ultimate rendezvous with imagination or the much obvious food and fashion, creativity is the largest play!

Creativity is spontaneous!

Memory kills creativity as it distracts to draw information from memory, that is the 'learned skills'. Creativity may not be incremental. Not necessarily disruptive at the same time.

"Thinking is the enemy of creativity. It's self-conscious and anything self-conscious is lousy. You simply must ... Do things."—Ray Bradbury

What's creative about hiring today? Social media? Hackathon?, Not sure what is creative that we are doing in hiring. The best I hear is multiple rounds of interviews, 10, 12 , may be more. Is there anything creative there?
Offers made: Anything creative there? Do we think of what can be done to make the offer creatively intriguing and engaging?

You declined offer: Any thing creative you heard back?

You accepted offer: Anythings creative followed form there?

You resigned: Anything creative followed?

Dumbness is one way to define lack of creativity.

Are we not doing anything new? We are...we do, we make every transaction little more structured and objective, little more tougher and stronger..But do we do anything creative?

Remember the TV ad where an interview panel asks interviewee to interview the interviewer for the position. This is one bit of creativity.