Why you want a premier B School candidate?

High IQ, High on analytical thinking and problem solving, conditioned to manage responsibilities with strategic intent, smart worker, better degrees, better education, are competitive, have seen better teachers, colleagues and are comfortable understanding and managing high level stake holders with ease and poise, have higher aspirations and thus take up challenges, prove themselves faster, better, lead, challenge, create, produce better results, create value and enhance customer's satisfaction and over experience. Anything else, I am missing here, please add!

Now, when I see how many important and critical positions in HR are filled by folks from premier B school backgrounds, I see only 20% at max. Check LinkedIn and you will find this. 
Does that mean, many companies do not want all that what a premier B school guy can produce? Probably yes! 
Look at many LinkedIn job postings and you will see, many a places , there is not mention of education and premier college background, they just ask for numbers of years. 

Arguments in favor of not necessarily getting hung upon the premier tag is, cost and affordability, ignorance and play safe. 
It will be interesting to survey with stakeholders including employees and business leaders and check what difference they have seen in terms of results from people from premier vs not premier B school backgrounds.

Questions to ask--

1. What great changes have been made by the premier B school person, which was not made so far was not seen, realized or not being able to make by a non premier B school guy?
2. What approach did the premier B school guy follow which was way above the approach followed ever followed by the non premier B school guy?
3. What value and prestige/importance that the premier B school guy created for position, department he represented that was not done by a non-premier B school guy?
4. What systems, processes has the premier B school guy has created that was not available or not imagined so far and that helped create value for all stakeholders?
5. What issues and challenges has the premier B school guy brought to discussion and attention of senior management that was never ever articulated by a non-premier B school person so far? 
6. What is the effectiveness scores of HR programs that has been launched by a premier vs Non premier B school guy?

Add comparators that you want to add and try and answer them.