Why Indian B schools are nearly out of Global B School ranking

Are the Professors in most of these IIMs outdated and sarkari? Now, what is sarkari here? Sarkari is an euphemistic abbreviation for 'life time secured job with 7th, 8th, 9th pay commissions, retirement at 60 and pension thereafter, no appraisal and no one can fire you for poor performance, max you will not get promotion a few cycles or will be relegated to a useless role, function and department.  At IIM Ahmedabad when Prof. Vijay Govindarajan Professor at Dartmouth's Tuck School of Business visited and spoke with the professors there, proudly said, "sir, we are teaching those case studies which were your favorites when you taught here. Prof. Govindarajan was shocked and asked them, 'who allows to teach 20 year old and outdated cases here? This is why I call many of these govt controlled and protected colleges as sarkari. 

Ph.D is another horrible criterion for teaching. One research and a degree to teach. Such academic dinosaurs have taken modern business studies 6 ft down the grave. 

You will notice most of these IIM professors do lot of PSU projects and with some PSU type organisations like L&T, etc

Harvard uses case studies up to 90% as materials and content for their management education program. Indian professors are very happy teaching concepts. 

Like sports league teams select a fresh team every season. these shall also be selected for a contract period of 3 to 5 years. Professors performance and contributions to students, institution, trade and business shall be vigorously reviewed every year, if not every 3 years, depending on what projects, subjects and trade/practice area they were leading as researchers and as SMEs, how they contributed to modern trade and business practices in quantifiable terms. An independent body shall do their annual appraisal. Guaranteed Sarkari jobs till 60 years is such a burden on the system. Ask them to defend their position with their scorecard and globally recognized work. If professors are top dogs, they will create world class institutions. 

Publish top 10 professors list every year in every top ranking Indian institution. Princeton does this every year and those papers are marvels to read.

Has any IIM every published top 10 professors of the year list? If not, now is the time. Transparency, governance, encouragement, we need it all at all ranked institutions.

Ask anyone in Human Resources in India, which is the best institution for HR studies in India. The most often quoted answer would be XLRI, Jamshedpur.

MBA college rankings are published every year and they have certain methodologies that each one follows. Even if one agrees that XLRI has been ranked at the top for HR for past 30 years and for next 30 years as well it will not change, is there any authentic research report that XLRI prepares every year, which justifies why they remain at the top?
Has there been any research by XLRI about how it has improved as an institution over these 30 years. What are the globally recognized HR models , measures and metrices born out of XLRI in past 30 years? 
What are the incubation in HR running at XLRI which are by world's top 50 Fortune companies, which have fully funded them and have invested in these CoEs consistently over past 5 to 10 years? Let us know.
How many internationally recognized professors, lecturers has XLRI hired or contracted for longer terms to teach at XLRI in last 30 years? 
How many research (seminal) work and papers by XLRI professors have been published in HBR in past 30 years? 
How many XLRI professors have coauthored any blockbuster book with internationally recognized professors and best selling authors in past 30 years? 
What student exchange program has XLRI signed with world's top 25 management schools in past 30 years?

Questions can be unlimited. Let's answer them.

Only elite status by media will not help.