Monday, August 8, 2016

Fixes to job search through LinkedIn!

"If you try helping others, you find code to your own success!" ----This thought crossed my mind yesterday!
 I have been meeting some of my friends and acquaintances, who are seriously looking for new job or job change but they have not been able to get any headway for quite sometime now. There is a widening gap between the cup and the lip! If you are not getting job offers, I blame you! 
Few cents to fellow job hunters. Pitch in, need your thoughts! 
1-There is much more than meets the eye! Jobs are not available on job boards-Naukri, etc! Jobs listed on LinkedIn and IIM Jobs are listings and 8 out of 10 times, you will not make any progress after you applied! Just drop these ideas, however, sharing your resume is 5 min job and that you can keep doing. But follow below steps!
2-Start with working on LinkedIn profile. Fill every section. Add company logos, mind your title!
  • Use power-trade-cheeky words, wordsmith every single sentence that you use. Add company logos, use power words.
  • Add high resolution professional photo. If you have too many companies at tail end , just drop them.
  • If you have 15 or 16 years of career and you are still a mid level manager and aim at mid -senior level manager role, highlight companies for past 6 to 8 years. Pay for wordsmithry, if you are not good at it.
  • Review other well written profiles on LinkedIn and you can collect tonnes of ideas, words, etc.
3-Ask for Recommendations on war footing, and follow up with connections who can write recommendation for you.
  • Some of them may even ask you, what you want them to highlight, send them a well-crafted write up, they can use. 
Try LinkedIn premium for at least 3 months. PREMIUM ACCOUNT AND ORANGE IN LOGO means VALUE! Use well crafted inmail and express interest in working for that company and solicit help, guidance to pursue a suitable opportunity there. 
 5-Connect with high profile professionals from your target companies. Use well written cover letter and attach curated resume that is attractive enough. Aesthetics matter. Use designing aspect to make it shine. We are in digital age. 
  • Share your profile with your qualified connections now. For highly qualified connections at that target company , share cover letter first not resume but mention, you will share if your connection asks you to share.
  • Remember, since your LinkedIn profile is well crafted and decked now, someone, who may wish to help you will share your LinkedIn profile......(and connections does not mean HR and Recruitment managers only). Share it with business people or other functional folks! 
6-Mention your email address and mobile number in your LinkedIn profile clearly. 
7-Write 2 or 3 LinkedIn posts. Not many. Make it look well structured. If you are not good at it, hire someone to do this for you. Write generic positive post.
  • Ask many of your connections to write comments and follow up so that good number of people read it, like it , comment on it! Follow up ..collect brownies! 
8-Identify 20 active and powerful connections on LinkedIn, who you will follow, like their comment, comment on their post.
  • After few weeks , write them email and solicit career advice and then you are heading for that push! 
9-Be generous. Write fantastic recommendations for your target 50 connections. Use wordsmiths for this, if you are not good at writing!
10-Send tonnes of endorsements to tonnes of your valuable contacts. 
11-Check your LinkedIn settings and allow people to know that you viewed their profile. 
12-Apply to LinkedIn jobs. View job poster's profile. Send nicely written connection request.
  • As mentioned earlier, your word resume shall capture words and spirits of your LinkedIn profile.
  • Use pdf versions only when sharing resume with companies.
  • Headhunting companies need word doc as they need to put their logos, etc. 
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