"Haji Ali ", Mumbai

'Haji Ali' song form movie 'Fiza' inspired me to visit 'Haji Ali' and I could not wait for it. I listened to this song many a times in the past but it registered just as a song with great melody, nothing much..

Last week, the 16th Feb 2011, morning. Came back from a jog at VNIT and was cooling off at sofa. Asked Yogesh, my colleage and a new InfoCepts joiner, who stayed with me a the guesthouse, if he had the Piya 'Haji Ali' song on his drive and he did the favor in no-time. Played it and I could not control my tears through the time this song played. It cleasned me.
I got inspired to re-define and speed-up for goals in my life , the way I was contemplating it for quite sometime but could not crystalize due to some reason. This song and the 'moment of truth' was a defining time and I decided to meet 'Haji Ali' and was there on 19th Feb morning.
It was a feeling like coming back to my home and appeared like I knew everyone there and the place was welcoming me. I did smile and cried with pride and gratitude.

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