Human Resources Analytics and Dashboard

Human Resource Analytics has become as important as the Business Intelligence (BI) reports and dashboards have been. It is obvious that people strategy have become inevitable drivers of business objectives and talent strategy is the key to compete. From thriving, survive and struggling the new way of doing business is "Analyse-Strategise-Execute-Analyse and Execute!".
Measures of success are reflected in financials and brand value, or the new fad of "Influence" in social marketing, driven by companies like Klout and Kred, but the war for talent that McKinsey declared as open strategy to grab or lose, has made HR Analytics more contemporary and real time activity than any CEO ever thought of.

HR Analytics are defining factors today for survival of companies. The war in the open is now waged on the exceptional talent and talent optimization policies, which set the baseline for creativity and innovation! Big data or Cloud Computing, SaaS, PaaS or IaaS, it is people who make any company a leader. With Cloud Computing, Amazon and SalesForce really did well and others did follow fast. Those companies, who could not catch up are facing the heat and now started thinking of creativity and expect young guys to passionately pursue creativity.

HR Analytics will always have to go beyond capturing attendance, leave, attrition and payroll data to "talent hot beds" and "Talent optimization" and "Time to build quick capabilities". Many mini-games, quick games in the backyard will decide success in larger market arena for today's companies. 

HR Analytics and HR dashboards shall get some dedicated space and time on CEO's screen!

Smart HR guys! Here is an opportunity. Grab it to get high-end business visibility. 

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