Linkedin the biggest expose

Two biggest landmark changes for humanity in India are - RTI and LinkedIn.
Thanks to Arvind Kejriwal and many valiant fighters of RTI, who made this possible in a nation still ruled by Congress and the other has been the Linkedin, though,  Reid Hoffman would never have thought that he gave the professional world the Global RTI, without being asked for any RTI application.

Linkedin has been the biggest expose and tool of rights for professional world. Knowing details of people, we do business with or knowing your interviewer, knowing your colleagues to be and more on people from the company, you are interested in. People cannot fake, if they are on Linkedin, though Linkedin does not ask for any verification what you claim there on your profile, be it company you work for or run, tenure, qualifications, location you belong to, certificates that you earned etc. still it is a big lever in people's hand to know about others, who are on Linkedin today.
Initially, I found senior executives very reluctant to place their profile on Linked in and Partners from my ex-company were not there for nearly 5 years from Linked in's launch of 2003. Slowly they came, slowly they added their photos, slowly they started adding contacts and now have started accepting recommendations. They still do not write any recommendation. There is lot they hesitate for.

Another interesting fact I observed is that many senior members have 20+ recommendation for them and they have written only 2 for others, while Linkedin itself asks you to write a return recommendation, when you accept one from others. Why is this hesitation? I really worry, how would they appreciate their team members over e mail or other channels when they are hesitant about writing recommendation. I am not trying to draw too far fetched conclusion that "there maybe leadership bankruptcy or erosion at the top" or "they care a lot about internet security". I know of 20 year experienced CAs, who work as CFOs do not use online banking. Passwords are kept by their wives under locker.

On a random sampling I found that in India with MNCs, US or others, the HR teams from top to bottom are full of non-aligned qualifications, many of them at the Sr.VP levels are just B.Tech, many are LLBs, Many of them are MA-Public Administration. All their team members mention Education from XLRI, IIMs, but you will find they are certificate programs and small courses. Unfortunate that the scenario is same with Big 4s and well branded MNCs in India. Results are obvious, they build more and more of non-qualified HR jungle around them. They ward off- professionally qualified people as that will be disruptive for their orgasmic inertia. B players hire C players , as Stanford research says and Jack Welch very well knew this.
CEOs need to wake up for this cleansing, if they are at all aware that "people strategies directly link with Business strategy" and people who are not qualified can never do a business enable-ment role by tactical or strategically lifting business. Business of Business is people and we have gone far and beyond the hiring the deployment era.

Hoping for the change!