Wednesday, June 19, 2013

BlessingsWhite Engagement Report 2013

Nuggets of engagement. Here are 11 nuggets to get you started:

Stable engagement. Despite the the economic recession, engagement levels around the world remained roughly stable 31% are engaged, and 17% are disengaged.

Give or get? Engaged employees plan to stay for what they give while disengaged employees stay for what they get.

Trust me. Trust in executives has  more than twice the impact on engagement levels than trust in immediate managers does.

Survey damage. Engagement surveys without visible follow-up action may  decrease engagement levels.

Engage Individuals. Work on ownership, clarity, and action.

Engage Managers. Work on coaching, relationships, and dialogue.

Engage Executives. Work on trust, communication and culture.

Full engagement. Occurs at the alignment of maximum job satisfaction and maximum job contribution.

Highly engaged. Citing McKinsey research the report states, “only highly engaged employees enable performance.

Career conundrums. Most employees don’t have clarity around their career aspirations and job satisfaction.

Geography lessons. Read the well-written meaty global analysis and recommendations for: Australia and New Zealand,  China,  Europe,  India,  North America,  and  Southeast Asia.

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