Saturday, February 15, 2014

Engagement in life and work

Engagement, in life and work is a fine balance while one remains on tight-rope. It is not a steady state or equilibrium. It is just one state. Very much in sync with the state of mind, body, soul and environment. Nothing out of these conjoining factors are constant. They all can go haywire in a state of flux. What can keep control on the state of engagement is harmony with all these factors, you can also call it 'spirituality'. I deliberately call it 'spirituality as this the only factor that we do know much about but find solace in once we connect with it.
It is like finding your psychiatrist, psychologist/counselor, a doctor and a care-giver. "State of 'spirituality does it all and helps one balance. What is spirituality therefore? It is actually our inner-self which is sitting inside and watching it go though all states of emotions and implications and fall-outs. It is one unknown insignificant guy on the street you do not care about till the time, you drive in your high-end car wearing that classy suit, sipping your favorite Starbucks coffee and texting for a romantic evening. Suddenly on that isolated patch your car breaks down and you feel, "what the heck!" Why can this happen to me? I am a great guy! and then you come out looking for help and you find no one around to help, then comes a guy, you actually still ignore him and he asks you, what happened and you still give him a vague look and as if, ask him to mind his business. But you turn to him after a while and he helps you with his basic skills with machines and your car seems to be fine! Inner self is no different than this stranger who wants to help if you allow him to.

Spirituality is a self-repair and auto-cleaning mechanism, provided we are open to what it says. Spirituality reminds that connect with the world is easy and abundant but upon disconnect, treatment is within. All disease of infections from others or outside are treated within. Self-inflicted injury and poor maintenance are just bodily affairs. You have been given liberty to use, misuse, abuse your body and we see more manifestations of self-inflicted injury in the form of whole body tattoo, body piercing and body modifications.

We have the same liberty with our minds to use, misuse and abuse, it allows. You can color it, color blind it, pierce it and modify. All distortions permitted. Your-self within watches it very well. As bonded and loving parent, it comes to your rescue and helps you, if you allow it. Give it time and listen to it. 

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