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The Gap in life!

When gap is god! What we are not able to find by our own strengths  energy, intelligence or other capacity, we leave it to god and that's why the gap between what we can do or cannot do and what god only can do is God. Speaking tree has a great article in TOI today. It talks about this and even scientists agree or leave it to the supernatural power (though they call it mystery), we call God.

Somewhere I read about the belief that you have is called God! Things you know, you are sure of, you call them "I know", things you are not sure of, you call, "I believe". Liked it.

Everything that goes up comes down. Everything that moves has a cycle. If you had or have good time, the cycle will change. When and how tragic or smooth! Time only will say and also how your personality responds to the situation. We often hear dynasty matters in politics and film industry but we have several flops in both of these industries, where some babalog do not shine. Here both destiny and personality play the role but Personality chooses the destiny's nature and form and shape and timing as well. Though timing can not be differed much against destiny. Things do not remain same as they were but my recent belief is, (and you would say, I am using belief so not sure! ) Yes, you are right, I have a recent belief that, you have a personality which is driver of the car!, you have destiny that is like one way road that leads you to a destination. No u turn allowed, no other turns (usually) and even if you did not like the destination or path later, you have no choice to re-consider. So, a drive is a drive. All air routes are not trunk routes. And the third thing is your horoscope.

Horoscope is like a kitchen that has all ingredients and essential equipment for cooking food. Destiny is how you get started and managed with right or wrong vessels, tools, ingredients, processes, etc.

Results are out of how you managed resources and here, what is constant is your personality. That makes all the difference. Though personality is part of horoscope that makes any horoscope anywhere between, "so easy to predict" to "so difficult to predict".

Question is, what is final take-away in life?
Take-away is "what you finally got. Every time you had a "moment of truth", the reality-bites of life and responsibilities.

My idea is life cannot be calculated forward. This is always backwards!
Look at your life backward and calculate your accomplishments and losses or absence of aspects of life and compare it with today.You will get the real value. Life Value Proposition (LVP?)....


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