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Rocket Scientists and few Jokers in C&B! _What they boast of, on LInkedIn

Something called trolling in the internet world of web exploration! I just did a few such rounds on LinkedIn profiles of Compensation and benefits processionals at Bangalore, India! 
Here is what I found! Don't mistake C&B guys for hawks with superhuman abilities to use rewards as strategic and tactical business drivers! See how some of them boast about their jobs!
Just by changing name of C&B to Total Rewards, many thought, they became fancy! 

A senior C&B profile ---
Specialties:Job Evaluation and Role Clarification, Mercer IPE Methodology, Compensation Structuring, Compensation and Benefits Policy Design and Administration, Executive Compensation, Expatriate Compensation, Data Analytics (I love this, say it again!), Six Sigma Methodology, Policy Integration post M&A, HR Process Benchmarking and Streamlining.

A junior C&B profile---
Fresher MBA from Non-ranked MBA college in IT services company in C&B..based in India
Look at her profile and claims...
Key responsibilities :

• Handling Compensation & Benefits in Americas (Wow! All C&B experts in America are on long vacation?)
• Designing Compensation & Benefits structure and HR policies for Overseas countries considering Cost of living, legal provisions, Tax rules, Social Security norms and Business parameters. (Are C&B consulting firms with global offices and experiences of 4 decades in C&B, local laws, policies, market and economy selling bananas?)
• Handling of Incentive plans (Printing letters?)
• Identifying & Appointing Insurance agencies in respective countries based on Company’s requirements and provisions? (So, you don't have HR and Benefits partners in foreign offices? Who is allowing and trusting you to take risks? And do other country employee know that you are vetting policies and benefits and vendors and their track records and negotiating pricing in their country with your extremely valuable HR degree and immensely reputable global benefits expert tag? Stop faking!)
 Evaluating various countries based on security / other issues & preparing practical Country guides for setting up business in new countries (Are you in HR or RAW/IB?, How long have you served in Ministry of External Affairs and maybe Big 4 consulting firms are all dead? Enters the new HR expert! Stop faking!)

Her next job with an HR consulting firm--Here she looks a bit grounded and moderate...
Designing Expat Compensation and Policy manual
• Conducting Compensation & Benefits surveys for IT/ ITeS, Engineering Sector, Manufacturing
• PMS Audit
• Designing Retention Plan
• Conducting Development Centers--(THIS IS INTERESTINGFor office boys/delivery boys? What kind of roles? Stop faking)

Her specialties as in her LinkedIn profile--Well grounded and fair...
HR professional with experience in Compensation & Benefits which includes designing Expat Compensation Structures, Surveys, Polices, Salary Revisions, C&B Cost Analysis, Retention Bonus Plan (Good!)

Specialties:Compensation & Benefits..

One C&B Senior professional/Non-MBA worked with MNC pharma..
Responsible for end to end (I love this end to end term, this I see is mostly used by low end clerical minds, who have just got elevated in terms of title) C&B Function, C&B polices & implementation. Lead / Supported C&B integration during mergers and acquisitions designing and implementing C&B strategies Compensation bench-marking and pay ranges. Facilitated job mapping to determine appropriate market pricing, review and salary increases consulting and advising Global / Regional & local Stakeholders on compensation actions Developed Incentive schemes which supported pay for performance Develop Salary Budgets (Really?), Policies and processes design. Strategised & Implemented Health and Wellness programme across India for about 3k employees.
Benchmarked Design and implemented benefits Programs considering trends, practices and costs. Compensation and benefits administration outsourcing ensure compliance & audits. Managed and administer expats compensation, ESOP and RSU. Built and lead the Compensation support to the Srilanka business start up!

Specialties: C&B Integrations, Mergers and Acqusitions.
Employee Policies, Benefit design & administration.
Compliance and audits
In one conference I heard a senior HR guy, Mr.Mali, who used to be VP HR at Symphony at Bangalore. He lamented when he said, here C&B Manager is someone, who knows Microsoft excel well! Shame on people in leadership positions who have made HR, a matter of mockery! 


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