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Jeena isi ka naam hai!

My wife is an astrologer and numerologist for past 10 years. I got in touch with astrology/astrologer when I was preparing for Civil Services. The astrologer told, Civil Services not possible. Moon_Rahu in 10th house, Mars debilitated and combust, Sun very weak. Kaal-Sarp yoga, Grahan Yoga, Kem Drum Yoga, Sakath yoga and as many as 8 very bad yogas and just one good yoga (Budhaditya yoga). I could not make it to Civil Services for true. Got into Border Security Force as Assistant Commandant after lots of challenges (3 times they did not send me my admit card), Then finally they sent a post, you did not attach the DD so form rejected, I had proof so I sent registered post and then they accepted their mistake  and issued me admit card. Just before my physical and interview, I had typhoid. I still made it through the physical and interviews and my rank of 98 out of some 138 folks selected. Moon debilitaed, dead Sun, Grahan Yoga in 10th house of profession and career. But true, I did not keep that job and left it soon. Then I had Intelligence Bureau job, an LIC job and a Bihar government job, I worked for LIC for a few years but did not take up the other govt jobs. My astrologer had told, you will get into MBA in the western part of India in x year and you will have your house and other asset bought after 2 years of your MBA. I did my MBA from SIBM-Pune. Yes, I did not get campus placement and I realized that after 35 rounds cleared in 12 companies, Grahan yoga was reminding me. As predicated, I bounced back and got an MNC offer to lead their R&D center HR. Then got offers from other top Indian IT and engineering companies in quick succession and then qualified for a management consulting firm started by professors of Northwestern Chicago Univ's Kellogg Business School. Considered by Google as 9th toughest interview by a company to clear. I do not know how that happened despite all stars being so bad and 8 devastating yogas! Maybe blessings of my parents and good luck of my wife and son helped. But struggle continues. Back to rock bottom and hit the surface, all happens like a wave. It is tiring and builds lots of acrimony and hatered for the world that seemingly puts me through this hardships. But yes, ability to fight and keep afloat has kept me alive and my skin and soul are intact. I know luck is important and it is not the man but the horoscope that matters 9 out of 10.
As Gurucharan Das says, a leader must be lucky! 


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