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Mr.President , your CHRO is on vacation!

Everything that is broken can be fixed! Let's be positive but hiding deep rooted issues for long under the carpet could erupt with volcanic intensity. Let's fix it with gratitude! Thank Glassdoor, thanks to those who took pain to write their reviews.
This glassdoor review brought smile on my face! Not all creative engineers are writing novels, some of them are on Glassdoor too. Here is one that impresses me! This is the same place where I worked as HR Manager much before this guy joined the firm. I love that company and the school-boy faced CEO (co founder)! This man gets 90% recommendation from all him Glassdoor reviewing employees/ex-employees. Take a bow! But despite all that, why situations appear so alarming and deplorable? You will find mention of word, "management" below. Where does management rest? in the CEO, right? That surprises? confuses? whatever?....many more dished out below in italics.
Once upon a time in Nagpur, there was a good company in Nagpur named ......
1. If you ask the recruiter Why - They will tell you why Nagpur (It is a green city, peaceful one, retirement kind of city etc. etc.) and will cleverly play with your question. 2. Project Catalyst and Fusion – My honest feedback to the company is that you’ll have to pay heavily due to this Project ConFusion. You took the services of expensive consultants, hired extremely expensive CnB guys to cut costs. Spent over 50L to save 10-15L. No wonder you’ve earned wrath of your employees who have resigned and gone. You earn in $ and crib about paying as per Nagpur standards. Does dollar have a different value for Nagpur? 3. The Salary structure is big time screwed up. You can’t think of saving taxes with such structure i. PF component – Just because the employer does not want to pay equally same amount and they save on that. Homegrown associates and even managers do not understand this as they have never worked outside. ii. Variable pay – The Company cheats you here the most. As per the policy, Band 2 employees have 15% variable. However when the recruiters are hiring new Band 2 guys, to lure them they will hire them at 10% variable and suddenly next year they will increase this to 15% in the name of policy. Therefore, this is how they manipulate policies as per their own benefit. New aspirants BEWARE. 4. Lack of policies – One thing that the company lacks big time is basic policies. They will guide you, threaten you most of the times, quarrel with you in the name of policies that they don’t even have. Try it once to believe it. 5. Appraisal – This is confusing at . Managers will close the appraisal without even discussing anything with you. 50% of the managers do not even know how should they do appraisals, what is bell curve, how to resolve conflicts. Hike given to off-shore and on-site peeps are extremely unfair and different. Yearly increments do not even beat the inflation. 6. BPHR – This is literally the most irritating team in the entire organization led by hopeless, blue-eyed and rude HR Leads. The thick headed and strong-headed individuals in this team run the entire show and rest of them are mere puppets. This team in co-ordination with the Kharra man of is solely responsible for the poor EXIT experience of employees. Not sure where they suddenly get projects for associates on bench? 7. On-site projects – Company lacks here yet again. No rotational policies are available. Onsite managers run their own rules and policies. If anyone speaks against the Namdar, they get fired. It’s like either do what I say or FO. They manipulate over-time policies and ask associates to purposely work for few hours during weekend to be able to charge overtime and earn additional bucks. Management knows it all but... 8. Nepotism – I can name as many people in the company who are there just because of nepotism of some kind or the other. If you are related to CEO, if you are from VNIT, if a politician has recommended you, if you are a girl friend or wife of someone in the HR team, or of those at managerial levels, you will easily secure a job and can stay there forever. No matter how pathetically you perform or have no prior experience you will keep drawing fat paychecks. To be safer, one can also work in the same team, which is head by their husband and can enjoy all the liberty, know exact salary figures and appraisal figures of team-members. 9. Dual employment or Own business – The company’s appointment letter says “During the period of your services with our company, you will not work directly or indirectly for any other person, firm or company either with or without remuneration. Nor will you be involved in any other trade, business or enterprise in any capacity.” Several employees are running their business in their own name or in the name of some family member. Policies at are so weak that they cannot even take actions against those employees or even ask for any explanation from them.
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Advice to Management
-Stop nepotism -Invest in People -Adopt good values -Don't surround yourself with Yes speaking men Lastly, even NICE has better policies. Learn from them. Have a NICE day!!


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