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Employer branding is just not marketing!

Employer branding begins but does not end till the time you have taken a good merry go round of the available digital media platforms that gives you visibility as a credible employer. Unfortunately employer branding if crafted for marketing success, it may miss the purpose of inspiring top talent to consider a job opportunity and visualize career growth and fulfillment!

I have my takes on the platforms that companies use; their importance vs impact!

Interfaces Platform Importance/Impact-

Career page of the Company website "Importance-Talent marketing hinges on to career page, every other campaign in hiring revolves around it. It is the centerpiece ! 

Impact- If you are able to pull talent on career page from all other open market media, you have very high possibility of converting that candidate. Here you feed him with company vision, products, people and culture. Battle won!"

LinkedIn Professional media "Importance- LinkedIn is undisputed, the most reputable media to professionally talk about company and people etc and seek talent attention!

Impact- Here you can either be applying the same mind set as generally companies have for Naukri, IIMJobs or you can create your niche presence!"

Facebook Social media "Importance-Matters as you advertise your products here and your target candidate is from the same niche as your target buyer is.

Impact- Use the right mix in communication and try to evince interest in being a part of the company that creates such products would be a great place to work at, too."

Twitter Social media "Importance-It is required you are there as a company for selling your brand and attracting talent. Though this is not a hiring platform but you need to be as noticeable there as on FB. Use the right mix of communication, brand, values, people and the journey, milestones, the BHAG!

Impact-It is considerably an elite platform and recent change in settings at twitter makes it even more sensible media to be used as platform. As you care about niche speak, you have audience here for all purposes professional."

Quora Answering platform "Importance-Empirically large part of Start ups success has been written by folks who join you fresh from campuses. It is a great platform where you directly talk in close-combat mode to the target you want to hit. Again niche platform and opnions matter here. Top talent considers Quora responses with high regards!

Impact- It is obvious if you try it well."

Glassdoor Review platform "Importance- You realize it more when you have a very credible sounding negative review on company, CEO, interview or salary related experiences. Fake strategies do not help here. People who look at Glassdoor can easily read all meanings between the lines, words and letters. Use it to your best advantage. Respond to reviews honestly! 

Impact- You know it has on both talent outside and within. Talent marketing for niche skills are mostly Inside-Out. What your internal folks believe in and say, formally or informally are equity of your talent appeal."

IIMJOBS.COM Job listing platform "Importance- Not sure how much it helps but be there before your recruiting partner placed your Ads, half-hearted.

Impact-No idea!"


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