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Islands of the Dead! The Working Dead employees!

When you read the @perceptyx report and read a follow through article on @forbes magazine, you start to look back at organizations and people you worked with and you see many of them, who you left a decade or more back, still remain there though they looked like quitting any day..

This is not uncommon and so Perceptyx report is a reality that we didn't want to acknowledge for decades...worst part is the lost decades...

Look at snapshots below and check these articles.. 

It's Time To Talk About The ‘Working Dead,’ The Unhappy, Unmotivated Remainers Who Didn’t Quit In The Great Resignation (

10:57am EDT|17,865 views

It's Time To Talk About The ‘Working Dead,’ The Unhappy, Unmotivated Remainers Who Didn’t Quit In The Great Resignation! 


Perceptyx: One Third of All Employees Are ‘Working Dead’ — Unhappy, Unmotivated and Staying Put

Research reveals widespread dissatisfaction among US workers, but ‘antidote’ is within reach

TEMECULA, Calif., Oct. 28, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Hopeless, aimless, and dispirited: that’s how one in three US workers gets through the day, according to a new report from employee listening and people analytics company Perceptyx.

The conclusions come from an analysis of data from 15 million employee survey respondents in Perceptyx’s HR Benchmark Database, including responses from one-third of the companies in the Fortune 500. The study gauged employers’ performance in three categories: people management, employee development, and workplace climate, defined as the organization’s commitment to respect, inclusivity, and overall psychological health.


This is simple, they survive and remain since they are clones of their ancestors and are extremely domesticable,  they survive like Cockroaches...Over time, these tadpole cockroaches become parents and grand parents and everyone around is a family...

those who are sharks, leave the cesspool.. 

THE REMAINER crisis is no worse than the Rohingya crisis..the illegal immigrants who over time create a den of illegal activities and governance is an underworld lord's mandate..

May sound quite hyperbolic but look at MNCs in India and this is a common sight.

In Indian Lala companies, who are sharper as everyone in under lenses everyday and no free-lunchers are tolerated..

Even when you are  a loyalist, you mean business..they won't pay you just for loyalty..

Many MNCs (especially the IDCs) in India this way are like the hidden islands of the Dead! 

Captive back offices of MNCs in India are the real dope for the survivors and remainers! HR and OD folks need to watch this trend closely and keep them alive and kicking! 

Agree, culture is set by the remainers and survivors but we can't allow another epic  statement like this to emerge "Culture eats Strategy for Breakfast"! 


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