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Moms and Pops back to work! Cost is not everything..

Super surprising to to see Delhi office reenting cost is higher than that of Boston, Singapore,  Paris etc..

Below, what percentage of workforce can actually work from home?  
Work from home benefits to companies: 

Save real estate cost, save employee (in-office ) service cost, less paid off and emergency or casual off, including less sick leave application, less resignation (reduced hiring expense), average salary raise, low bonuses and that's all done well in India..

Pandemic threatened employees of losing jobs and for more than a year, companies paid less raise, deferred any bonus or even reduces salary in many well known work places. 

Later lockdown lifted, folks found more interviews as they could hire anyone from anywhere..recruiter's job became easy and folks got multiple offers...from anywhere..resulted in BIG offer rejections, offer value gone way up for niche roles..especially IT. 

This made advantage turn and twist into some disadvantage..

What employees got benefited by : Huge cost saved in rented house, big saving in transport cost, cost saved on dating and entertainment outside...led to reduced affairs benefited and people became fatter..happier and wealthier..all great news.

Assuming in India only 15% jobs can be done from home, we will have 85% people back to office (even if hybrid for managers) and out of 15%, they will return to work shortly..

But yes, siloed workers and tech and customer support staff roles still be done from home, however, they will be soon back to physical offices as people will get sick of working from home..

A whole new generation of First Time Employees will miss whole lot of experience if they work from home.

Work from home for any start up founder you ask, they will tell is a killer of innovation. 

WFH will continue for siloed and support roles even when we talk about Knowledge workers..

Come 2022, we will see things getting back to normal..

Man is a social animal and workplace is a defining place for human's social life.Can't miss it..

WFH or some call it Honeymoon will soon be over..

Twitter and Facbook can follow perennial WFH as they have highly independent folks and they anyways work with smaller cohorts and they are technically bound humans unlike most other knowledge workers. They can even create love and sex without meeting physically, whole new genre of folks. On the other hand the support or services staff at TCS, etc , they will anyways be not called to office to save cost and they will be managed through bean counter and employee surveillance softwares..


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