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What are Kyndryl's new & outsider CHRO's opportunities in this IBM spin-off?


What is Kyndryl? IBM’s managed infrastructure services spin?

Perhaps the best way to define Kyndryl!:- IBM's managed infrastructure services

Kyndryl is organizing itself into six global managed services practices, and a customer advisory practice that will combine managed services, advisory services, and implantation. The six global practices will each manage a different aspect of technology:

  1. Applications, data, and AI
  2. Cloud
  3. Core enterprise and zCloud, IBM’s mainframe-as-a-service offering
  4. Digital workplace
  5. Network and edge
  6. Security and resiliency
New CHRO: Maryjo Charbonnier, joined in June 2021
4600 customers and a backlog of $60 bn...
with 90,000 employees and a $19 Bn revenue..
New CEO and a new board..
What are HR opportunities? Make company attractive, make work exciting(working on work more and less on people, this is new OD)
Yes, lots of new age fast track programs, that cut across competitors like Accenture, Adobe, Amazon and mostly Microsoft. 
So far Kyndryl may have attracted and lost people for core business competencies in 6-services lines and some in Advisory practice (Mostly to consult existing list of 4600 customers)

Interesting challenge for CHRO will be in building a unique culture that lives the expectations of the Chairman Arvind Krishna, Chairman and CEO of IBM, the parent company (the Big Blue). who created vision for the Hybrid and AI business outlook for IBM's hive-off, Kyndryl. 

And then make it look like it's closest competitors in terms of experiences employees have through the HR induced life cycle with Kyndryl..

While at new Kyndryl, IBM's lived & borrowed values (part choice, part legacy) will not go away for good or bad, new wave has to be built to create identity of being a start up as they (HR leaders at Kyndryl/IBM) are fancifully calling this spin-off as of now.

Being like a start up for the elephant offspring may be challenging if it doesn't move from rear-wheel (axel-based) drive to front-wheel while, a part of the team would like it to be 4-wheel drive beast..

Call for agility and customer centricity, modern solutioning while being flexible in building quick and fit solutions, affordably, would be some exciting new fads for Kyndryl on this overdrive.

In general, since it is an old company in a new packaging, lot of leadership visibility and his shenanigans would make courageous business calls...and leaving CHRO to absorb the shock on spring suspension. 
I wish Maryjo good luck and lots of magic that she will create with her team.

It will be loads of OD and equal doses of change management that would drive future of HR at Kyndryl..
The best thing IBM did was to bring an outsider as a CHRO...half the battle won! 


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